Current Openings

Current Openings

For a listing of all of our current openings, please visit our Indeed page.

Team Member Needs

We are constantly on the lookout for talented potential team members. Some of the skill sets we are typically looking for are below. If you are interested in joining our team, please contact us at the link below. 


Engineers with experience in Tactical Power Systems (Missile and Aviation Systems specifically), weapons platform electrical systems, thermal analysis and mitigation design, Command and Control, Fuels, Robotics, Renewable Energy Systems, Batteries, and Facilities/Installation Energy

Data Science & Analytics

Data Scientists, Systems Engineers, and Analysts with experience in time series data, data visualization, bench-marking, Machine Learning, the ability to handle large structured and un-structured data-sets and experience with Python, R Studio, and other relevant languages

Modeling & Simulation

Systems Engineers, Analysts, Software Developers, and other M&S experts with experience in Autonomous Path Planning, Design-space Exploration, Surrogate Modeling, Trade-off Analyses and Optimization, Vehicle Dynamics Modeling, Blue Force/Threat Modeling, Machine Learning 


Software Developers, Graphics Application Engineers, Software Engineers, and other experts with experience in C++, C#, Python, R, with Linux/Unix, Git, TCP/UDP protocols, JIRA, Stash (Bitbucket), Agile, and scripting experience. We are also looking for developers with experience in weapons platforms and radars. 

Join our team!

Team Members at Cintel are highly motivated, technical, and self‐organized. We place a lot of trust in our engineers to develop technical solutions for ill‐defined problems (i.e. thrive in an environment where the problem is vague, requirements are lacking, and a solution is not obvious). We need problem solvers.

We want our engineers to be self‐motivated and eager to learn new skills. Whether you consider yourself a jack‐of‐all‐trades or a Subject Matter Expert, if you are eager to keep up with the latest trends in technology and solve complex challenges, you’ll fit right in.