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Cintel, Inc. Chosen as Subcontractor on $36 Million Contract to Provide Energy Program Support to the U.S. Marine Corps

Cintel supports efforts to meet USMC energy, reliability, and resilience requirements

Huntsville, AL September 28, 2018 The U.S. Marine Corps Installations Command (MCICOM) has awarded Concurrent Technologies Corporation (CTC) a prime contract to support the Marine Corps’ efforts within its various sections (i.e. Headquarters Marine Corps, Regions, and Installations), which possess unique challenges in addressing the Marine Corps’ objectives to meet Energy Reliability and Resilience requirements. Through its role as prime contractor, CTC will address utility distribution systems that support the energy reliability and resilience requirements linked to mission readiness and operational effectiveness.

Cintel, Inc. is one of four small business subcontractors chosen as a team member on this effort based on their unique, best-in-class technical capabilities. Cintel will provide Resource Managers with expertise in energy efficiency, reliability and resilience. Additionally, Cintel will support the Marine Corps’ data science and business intelligence needs by transforming disparate and fragmented data sets into coherent, holistic, and actionable information. (The other companies on the team are Risk Mitigation Consulting, Sain Engineering, and Barbaricum.)

“Our team is uniquely qualified to provide high-quality services and innovative solutions, leading to increased mission effectiveness, energy resilience, and reduced waste to the Marine Corps,” said Edward J. Sheehan, Jr., CTC President and CEO. CTC serves as the U.S. Marine Corps Installations Command’s prime technical support contractor in addressing all of its energy efficiency, resiliency, and reliability needs for all Marine Corps installations worldwide.

“The Cintel team is honored and prepared to support the Marine Corps’ mission and focus on energy resiliency, efficiency, and reliability,” said Dale Jobes, Cintel President and CEO.

The contract was awarded in a full and open competition and includes one base period and four option periods that could reach up to $36 million in value if all the option years are exercised.

“Energy touches every aspect of Marine Corps missions and functions, and even short-term interruptions in electric power or disruptions to delivery of fuel or natural gas can have serious consequences on mission readiness and the ability to deploy Marines in support of critical operations,” said Randy Monohan, MCICOM’s Energy Projects Officer.

Cintel, Inc. founded in 2013 is a small business providing our clients nimble, unique, value-focused services and solutions in Energy, Data Science & Analytics, Modeling & Simulation, Machine Learning, Software Development, and Cyber Security. Our core mission is to deliver innovative solutions to complex challenges through tailored services and solutions.